Rules and Regulations

Established in 1960, at Pune, the educational capital of Maharashtra, this hostel occupies a pre-eminent place amongst hostels managed by the Committee. Its strategic location Model Colony gives the students added advantage of being within easy distance from institutions like Pune University, Symbiosis, Engineering College, B.M.C.C., F.C., Modem , M.M.C.C., ILS Law , COEP College etc. The students from Jain Community, who have passed out from here over the past 5 decades, are occupying eminent positions in the society as entrepreneurs, businessmen, professionals, management experts, doctors, IAS, engineers, chartered accountants Lawyer and soon. over 5500 students have been benefitted by this utility fill date. The inmates are provided with well -furnished rooms, library, indoor, out door game facilities prayer hall as well as nutritious food starting with sumptuous breakfast, adequate supply of hot water. Apart form pursuit of academic excellence, the students also get encouragement to develop their artistic talents by participation in various social and cultural events, which are organized a managed by the student themselves such as sports, elocution competitions, paryushan parv, annual gathering, funfair, Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti, Mahaveer Jayanti, Special awareness programe. etc. While giving top priority to studies, the students are also encouraged to participate in sports and compete in inter hostels events. Well-equipped Reading Hall, with a number of books from renowned authors, is available. Students are expected to broaden their horizons by using this facility. Every year about dozen eminent personalities are invited to share their vision and experience with the students. One-to-one exchange of views and ideas take place. We also focus on religious development. All this effort contributes to all-round development of the students and proves very useful to them in their careers / lives.



• Prescribed Application forms has to be filled up Online.
• The application form should be complete in all respects and should include the required enclosures.
• Admissions is not confirmed unless full payments of all fees is made. C.A. students should submit certificate from their employer along with article ship registration letter from Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. Employer should certify continuation of article ship with him.
• Any occupant found to have made a false claim / statement to obtain a seat will be liable to vacate the hostel immediately and the fees paid by student will be forfeited.
• Students have to vacate the hostel within 24 hours of the completion fo the academic examination. Admission is valid only till the completion fo academic examination or completion of term which ever is earlier.
• The Management will have the right to reject any application for admission without giving any reason whatsoever.
• Academic year of the hostel will end on 30 April and all student expected to vacate the hostel by 30 April. After 30 April, if a student wishes to stay in the hostel beyond i.e. 30 April for examination he should make an application with in 10 days before end of academic year. Management reserve the right not to entertain any extension.


• It is the responsibility of the students to keep their rooms, common areas and the surroundings dean.
• Students should ensure that they do not disturb their roommates or others in the hostel at any time and in any manner.
• Students are not allowed to bring any furniture from outside.
• Students using their own vehicles should possess valid driving license, insurance, Vehicle RCTC and submit a photocopy of the same to the Rector at the time of admission. They should park their vehicle in the parking area only on their own risk in a proper way. Students should not allow use of their vehicle by other students who do not possess valid license.
• Students should switch off lights and fans when not in use. Computers will be allowed to be used with prior permission. & Electrical Irons & heating coils are strictly prohibited.
• Fixing any nails/ posters/ stickers anywhere in the hostel premises is strictly prohibited.
• Birthday celebrations in hostel premises strictly prohibited.
• The hostel will not be responsible for loss of money, valuables, books credit cards, mobiles or any belongings of the students.
• Students should lock their rooms when they are not in their rooms.

• Identity Card is compulsory for entry / exit in the hostel.
• Students should sign the attendance register kept at the office every day within prescribed hours.
• Students should be present everyday for prayer & attendance at 6.00 a.m.
• Students should occupy rooms allotted to them within 2 days of such allotment.
• Students will stay only in the rooms allotted to them. No change shall be made without prior permission of the Rector.
• For ensuring discipline and for convenience, the Rector has the authority to change the room allotted to a student even during the term.
• All staff of the hostel should be treated with due courtesy.
• The Rector and the Management have the right to enter and inspect the room at the time without any prior intimation and issue necessary instructions.
• Except for normal wear and tear, Students will be held responsible for any loss or damage caused to the furniture, equipment, fittings, utensils, computers, facilities, books etc. provided to them. While leaving the hostel, student should hand over possession of items given to them to the satisfaction of the Rector. • In case of illness I accident the Rector should be informed immediately.
• Students should not leave their rooms after 11.00 pm in the night.
• Attendance of the all student is compulsory for meetings, activities and programes of the hostel. No meeting, activities, camp, get-together, functions, programs etc. can be organized without prior approval of the Rector Management.

• Students shall not remain out of the hostel between 11.00 pm to 6.00 am without the Rector’s prior permission in writing well in advance. Students going out of the station or staying out of the hostel have to obtain prior approval of the Rector in writing and by permission of parents. the students submit letters from the parents / local guardian while reporting back to the Hostel, explaining the reason of absence.

• Students should ensure that their visitor should record their entry and exit, with signature, in the visitors’s book maintained for the purpose . Visitors should not stay at the hostel.

• The mess facility is compulsory for all the students. Hostel Mess is run by mess contractor which has its separate rules and regulations.

• In view of the increasing accident rate, the students are advised to have their own mediclaim policy as for this the hostel insures each student by Accident Policy for the academic year for which premium is paid by the hostel.

• In case of student found Practicing ragging, or bursting or storing crackers, damage to hostel property etc.
• Students who are addicted to Tobacco products, Liquar, Non-vegetarian food, Gambling etc.
• A student who violates or helps others in violating any to the rules and regulation of the hostel or any instructions, orders issued by the Management, or is found to be guilty of indiscipline or misconduct shall be Expelled from the hostel, at the discretion of the Management and fees paid by him will be forfeited.
• Students who have received warning form the management for misbehavior in the hostel will be Expelled from the hostel.

• Students, who cannot support themselves financially, any apply for part I full free ship in the hostel fees. Students seeking such concession should support their credentials by obtaining recommendation from two noted person of their area. Management will consider their free ship admission on merit basis & scholarship of 25% concession in fee structure for merit students.

• The Management has full authority to revise the charges for room, and other facilities as well as the rules governing the running of the mess without any prior intimation.
• In all matters concerning the hostel administration, the decision of the Management will be final and binding.
• The Management may change, alter or amend any of these rules at any time without any notice and may issue fresh rules I order as are deemed necessary from time to time, The students will be deemed to have read them and deemed to have agreed to be bound by them.
• The Management of the hostel will not in any way be responsible for the performance or conduct of the student.
• Management is not responsible for any accident or injury or any acts of students outside hostel.
• The management will terminate admission of any student of any student violating the rules and regulations after conducting internal enquiry and found guilty.

• The parents should meet I contact the Rector or Local Committee at least twice a year to understand the progress of his ward, and attend parent’s meetings and be available when called up on by management.
• In case of receiving communication from Management about misbehavior, health problem or any other problem, the parents should immediately act upon.

• Payments will be accepted by RTGS/NEFT/Cash in specified bank only.
• Payments should be made within the stipulated date/s to avoid admission being cancelled. 1) Payment of hostel fees: a) For D. D. should be made in the name of “Seth Hirachand Nemohand DigamberJain Boarding, Pune-16.” or cash paid in bank b) Payment should be made on the date of admission.

• Fees once paid will not be refunded except first year Engineering students, who are not able to secure admission in local Colleges. • Fee will be refund after deducting Rs. 6000/- if informed up to 15 August. it will not refunded there after.

• Every student is supposed to voluntarily and whole heartedly participate in the running and maintenance of hostel activities. The students will be given an opportunity to work on various committees as a secretary. Lobbywise discipline maintain by “Lobby- Representatives’