About Trustee

Hirachand Nemchand Digambar Vidyarthi Gruha – Pune

Register Public Trust No – (A-756), Date- 02/08/1954

Late. Ratanchand Hirachand Doshi – Chairman
Late. Maniklal Ramchand Shah – Trustee

This Trust was defunct in 1958.

From 1958, Trust was established as follows:-

Seth Hirachand Nemchand Smarak Trust’s

Seth Hirachand Nemchand Digambar Jain Boarding

Register Of Public Trust E-1634 (BOM), Date- 12/08/1958

List Of Trustees:

Late. Gulabchand Hirachand Doshi
Late. Lalchand Hirachand Doshi
Late. Phulchand Ramchand Gandhi
Late. Manikchand Virchand Shah

 From 1968, List of Trustees are as follows:-

Late . Lalchand Hirachand Doshi – Mumbai
Mr. Arvind Raoji Doshi – Mumbai
Late  Nalinchandra Fulchand Gandhi – Pune
Late. Vidyachandra Manikchand Shah – Pune

List Of Pune Local Advisory Board Members:

Late . Nalinchandra Fulchand Gandhi
Late. Ratanlal Ramchand Shah
Late. Vidyachandra Manikchand Shah

Present Trustees Names :

Seth Chakor Lalchand Doshi, Chairman – Mumbai
Shri. Chirag Chakor Doshi, Trustee – Mumbai
Shri. Ramesh B. Jobanputra, Trustee – Mumbai
Shri. Giriraj S. Agrawal, Trustee – Mumbai
Shri. Chakor N. Gandhi, Trustee – Pune
Shri. Jayant N. Nandurkar, Trustee – Pune

 List of The Superintendents are as follows:-

Late. Motilal Kothari – ( Phaltan )  (From 1954 to 1958)
Late . Gulabchand Gandhi – ( Sonarikar)
Mr. Dhananjay Shripal Shah
Late  Mahajan
Late. Wankudre
Late . Manikchand Gandhi – Mhaisgaonkar
Late. Raosaheb Hirachand Shah – Modnimbkar (From 1975 to 1983)
Mr. Surendra Motichand Gandhi – Dudhanikar (From May-1982 to till date)

List Of the Initial Honorable Donors in 1958 are as follows:-

Smt. Kasturbai Walchand Trust Rs. 3,13,000=00
Walchand And Co. (Pvt.) Ltd. Rs. 50,000=00
Smt. Kasturbai Walchand (Charity) Trust Rs. 45,000=00
Seth Hirachand Nemchand Dharmaday Fund Rs. 30,000=00